Oak Springs Elementary


Planting a Seed of Excellence for the Next Generation

Mr. C. R. Steward in 1958, The first Principal of Oak Springs ElementaryMr. C. R. Steward in 1958, the first principal of Oak Springs Elementary. Oak Springs Elementary celebrated our 50th Anniversary in 2008. We rejoice in the legacy of Oak Springs Elementary. We share its history and successes, and acknowledge the educators who have dedicated their time and wisdom to children.

This great school was bought, built, and nestled between Goodwin, Webberville Road and Oak Springs Drive to serve the students who resided in the Booker T. Washington Housing Community.

In 1958, under the leadership of Mr. C. R. Steward, 14 teachers and the Parent Teacher Association that consisted of 86 parents and teachers, planted the seeds for success for students who enrolled in first through third grade.

The Oak Springs facility and services for children have changed as most things do over time. The initial plan for the school included 14 classrooms, a cafeteria, a library, and a play area. Currently, the building has increased in size to 25 classrooms which serve Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth grade.

Our facility may have changed and the staff has increased over time, but one idea that was planted at the conception of Oak Springs from principal to principal , teacher to teacher, and parent to parent is the will to provide children who walk through the doors of this building the best education possible. Our students are the seeds in our garden, who will flourish and pollinate the world with beauty, strength, and differences.

Like the planting of the first live oak tree on the grounds, our students require the attention and nourishment it takes to survive life's challenges over time. As Mirabel Osler said "to be able to work under a tree that you have planted is really to feel you have arrived with your garden." So far we are on the way...we can now stand beside ours.